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Podcast Tech Manifesto

14 March 2014

I’m calling all Podcasters, YouTubers, Audio and Video bloggers, and basically any modern tech savy business producing info products for promotional purposes and online lead generation. I want to deliver to you an easy, cost effective a high quality solution for outputting your audio to your audience and have it meet professional standards.

As an audio engineer and producer with nearly 20 years of studio experience. I’m offering you the best in editing, restoration, tonal balancing, noise reduction and level matching for your show. On top of that, the end result will meet industry level loudness requirements that will be effective across the majority of consumer devices. Whatever your intended format, the meta data will be correctly embedded and you’ll be ready to upload to iTunes, Youtube or your choice of server with confidence and peace of mind.


Now as a business owner of multiple entrepreneurial ventures, I understand how your day just disappears. I know first hand what it’s like to record an amazing interview to promote your products only to face a five-hour editing session. Let’s make things easier and give you back those hours allowing your focus to be better spent elsewhere. I’ve worked with the best mastering quality audio and equipment costing thousands to the flipside of scrubbing up a messy skype call recorded on a fan cooled laptop, in a reverby kitchen. Whether it be cutting out the dog barking to eliminating the vocal ticks, from the umms and the errhs to stutters and interuptions .


My goal with is allowing your show to reach it’s full potential; I’m doing this by manipulating flow, vibe and adding that bit of audio sparkle. I want to do this without detracting your listeners attention from your true business intent. I’ve recently seen shows I’ve worked on grow from a few thousand downloads a month to multiple million a month. I want the same for your show. is a solutions company so that means it’s about you, Get in touch today. Me and my team want to hear about your problems so we can collaboratively work towards fixing them, let us take the hard work out of your podcasting.


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