About Us

Founded in 2012, when audio production and podcasting weren’t spoken in the same sentence, Jason Sanderson created PodcastTech.com to provide the ultimate in production value to the world’s best podcasts. 

PodcastTech is an easy, cost-effective solution for retaining your listener’s attention and growing your audience, while improving your show’s quality, way beyond the industry standard.

Jason Sanderson


Jason Sanderson has been working in recording studios since 1997 as engineer and producer, he’s passionate about high quality sound, studio design, building high end audio equipment & collecting vinyl. 
Jason seeks to pull all this experience together, to provide a client satisfaction solution for completing your project.

Our Team

Daniel Huddlestone

Daniel Huddlestone

Senior Audio Editor

Liam Richardson

Liam Richardson

Audio Editor

Richard Middleton

Richard Middleton

Video Editor / web developer

This is what we are about


Our Mission
To raise the bar of quality content being shared in the world


Our Goals
To deliver diverse conversations with thought leaders, and have their opinions and experiences, arrive at the intended audience, as distraction free as possible.


Why Us?
We leave no stone unturned in highly curating our clients content, producing only the best quality in ‘Podcastland’. We take pride in taking the hard work out of your podcasting. No episode should ever sound clumsily smashed together. We focus on the details and retention of the listeners attention, that others simply don’t come close to. It’s all about the flow!

Let’s talk about your project

We are here to facilitate you in getting your podcast out.

No project too big or small, we’ve seen and heard it all, more importantly we know your journey and how to advance it!